Purpose of this site

This site has been set up by news hierarchy maintainers (that is, the persons responsible for managing one or more of the top-level newsgroup hierarchies) for use by other maintainers and by users of USENET.

This site contains links to all known top-level hierarchies, any of which may register a subdomain of for their hierarchy.

The hierarchies which are presently using this system are:

Getting a subdomain of

If you are a recognised news hierarchy maintainer (in other words, if your email address is on one of the following Top-level hierarchies lists) then Nick Andrew would like to offer you a subdomain of to assist in maintaining your hierarchy.

A subdomain of is useful because it is easy to for people to remember. It's also permanent so when you change providers or jobs the subdomain does not also change. And if you decide to pass the role to somebody else, there is no need for the contact addresses to change either.

Each subdomain is offered for free forever (so long as there is enough interest to keep registered and properly delegated, of course).

If you would like to start using a subdomain of for your hierarchy then please email Nick Andrew <> to get the process started.

Top-level hierarchies

  • Lewis Eisen's "Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies"

    This document lists newsgroup hierarchy names and a short description of whom or what the hierarchy is about, but provides no contact or website details.

  • Usenet Hierarchies: Config Files FAQ

    Unfortunately this FAQ appears to have been last updated in 1999. Do not use the control.ctl file within, as it is obsolete. See below.

  • Rone's unified control.ctl file

    This file is probably the most up-to-date list of hierarchies and their control information. It is now maintained by Russ Allbery. If yours is a new hierarchy, you really need your entry in this file.